Wednesday, September 10, 2008


One of the most respected names in steam engine vehicles. William Foden produced trucks for a variety of uses in England in the early days of the century. Indeed, Foden’s designs were so surperior, he frequently sued competitors for copying them. In 1900, Foden introduced an “overtype” steam engine. The 300 psi engine was mounted on a short locomotive-type boiler and the vehicle traveled at two speeds: 2 mph and 6 mph.
Within 20 years, Foden developed an advanced vehicle that could attain speeds up to 25 mph—quite a feat considering that the standard speed limit for trucks was 20 mph.
One of the most important roles Foden vehicles played was to carry coal—an important energy source at the time.
Now a steam-powered coal carrying Foden truck is captured as an authentic model by the masters of die-cast classic.

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