Saturday, September 13, 2008


Die-cast Matchbox Major Pack No.6 or King Size No.5 Racing Car Transporter was produced by Lesney in England in 1967. It is 13 cm long.

Major Packs were introduced in 1957 as a companion to the 1-75 series in a larger scale. As the King-Size series was introduced three years later, the Major Packs were slowly phased out and some were merged into the King-Size range. By 1967, the series had ended. It was produced only 10 models.

This model was produced only one style and one color that is green oil of BP. Both sides were embossed design (decal) as a rally car with a “Racing Transporter” including the BP sponsored logo. (British Petroleum) which is a giant company of England and the name of the racing field. This car is a clear roofing glass and part of the driver. Inside of the driver and compartment of the passenger is white color. It could be able to adjust it to slope down with the black door in order to bring the rally car downwards. It is removable tire, wheel hub is red, underneath is metal silver blond color.

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