Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Die-cast Corgi No.06002 – AA Mini Van, it was produced by Corgi Classic Ltd. In China, 1998. It is 7.8 cm. long.

This die-cast AA Mini Van was produced by a license from Austin Mini and Automobile Assosiation (AA) dark yellow body, silver handle of the black door, clear windows, black interior, removable tire, “Patrol Service” tempa. The underneath is metal, casting bulge as an engine and exhausted pipe.

The Automobile Association (AA), founded in 1905, is a theme chosen by many collectors. The first aiming that time is to help its member who was arrested by police for driving over the speed limit. Later on, it had expanded more activities such as in 1908 arranging hand books for members including a representative branch with the names of the auto repaired workers. In 1914 it had 83,000 members until 1939 the member had increased to be 725,000 members. Several of toy ranges included the AA Patrol or Scout on his motorcycle with side car, plus the AA telephone boxes, while vans as used by the organization have been offered in the familiar yellow livery. Perhaps the most interesting, however, was produced by Budgie Toys, of an AA Mobile Control Office.

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