Saturday, February 23, 2008


History of Matchbox

Just after World War II when metal materials were released from their wartime roll in munitions and armaments, a line of die-cast metal cars from England came onto the international toy market. Their name MATCHBOX® was a clever device that immediately identified their size.
Some 17 years later, a Hong Kong manufacturer of toys began making his own line of diecast metal cars. So successful was this company, Universal, that in 1982 it acquired the British toy firm and has become what is now know as the Universal Matchbox Group Ltd.
A truly multinational operation, Universal Matchbox Group Ltd. Has offices in four continents, owns several manufacturing plants in the Far East, and distributes its product through a marketing network encompassing 120 countries.
Founder and visionary, David C.W. Yeh, accurately foresaw thai toy manufacturing would center itself in the Far East. He, however, recognized the importance of reling on the expertise in design and marketing skill of major consumer countries. Merging these international and complementary strengths has been the reason for Group’s continuous growth and strong position in the international toy industry.

Matchbox Made in Thailand

Thailand is becoming TOYLAND. That’s because one of the best known brand names in toys MATCHBOX® has established a major manufacturing facility here.
With the inauguration on November 8th 1989 a brand new factory under the name Universal International (Thailand) Co., Ltd. In the Bangpoo Industrial Estate, a whole range of MATCHBOX® toys are now being made in Thailand for distribution worldwide through a network covering some 120 countries.

These will eventually include the world renewed Matchbox® die cast vehicles, play sets and plastic toys. In addition, the factory will be positioned to take on contract work for other major international toy firms.

MATCHBOX® is owned by the Universal Matchbox Group Ltd. Whose shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange. It is one of the largest international toy companies in the world with a truly integrated operation, from concept through the stages of design, development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution.

Matchbox® is a household name symbolizing quality and value. It is recognized instantly by consumers throughout the world who will soon be given the opportunity to associate that enviable reputation with “Made in Thailand”, thus establishing the country as an important toy manufacturing nation, and perhaps giving rise to a popular synonym for “Made in Toyland”

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